Get to Know Your Elusive Eating Disorder Symptoms with an Open Mind

The first and foremost thing in treating the eating disorder is just accepting its presence. In case of the eating disorder, the sufferers consult the doctors only by the force of the parents or the well wishers. The reason is that all most all the eating disorder patients deny the fact that they have a problem.

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The anorexics will be on a restricted diet. The restricted diet in most cases will be rich in carbohydrate. The carbohydrate rich and protein depleted diet will lead to weakness, dizziness and palpitations.

All these problems are due to the disturbances in gastro intestinal tract. The net result is that the anorexics will start disliking the carbohydrate intake much more than before.

As discussed earlier the anorexics will try their level best to hide the fact that they are suffering from eating disorder. There are so many symptoms by which the bulimia [type of eating disorder] can be suspected.

They are Excess intake of food followed by purging, performing very severe exercise, observing very stringent diet, fasting, induced vomiting, abuse of diuretics, abuse of laxatives, presence of blood in vomiting, obsession because of body weight, depression, mood swings, swelling in the face or neck, swollen glands, constipation, indigestion, heart burn, bloating, sore throat, corroded teeth, irregular periods in case of women, hyperaemic eye, weakness and exhaustion.

Bulimia is a psychological problem. Bulimia patients will resort to binge eating before resorting to purging in order to reduce weight.

The sufferers will try all wrong practices to reduce the weight such as induced vomiting, use of laxatives when there ins no need for that, abuse of diuretics, excess exercise, frequent fasting for no obvious reason etc. these people will be already under weight, but they will strongly feel that they have lose weight even more.

The bulimics will have bouts of depression. These people indulge in over eating which will be followed by purging or induced vomiting. This will further the guilt feeling of them and they will be even more depressed.

Vomiting and purging helps them to counter the excess eating that is alright. But unwanted use of emetics and laxatives will disturb the normal physiology of the body which is very harmful in the long run.

Being a sensible person in case if there is a slight doubt that you are a victim of eating disorder, one should inform to the parent or the spouse, who are concerned about your health.

This assumes importance because eating the disorder by the patients themselves is very difficult. Bulimics require the help of the physician to find out and eradicate the underlying cause of this problem.

Bulimia is addictive just like drinking and smoking. In the long run the bulimia can lead to very severe health problem and the patient may even lose his life. Hence immediate attention is required to bring the bulimics back to normal life.

Self-diagnosis can health but self treatment is not possible because identifying the root cause of the problem is possible only with the help of a health care specialist.

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