How Anorexia Nervosa Made an Inroad to Become a Common Ailment?

Anorexia nervosa is the common ailment for many who are living in western world. The most unfortunate thing is that most of them lose their life to malnutrition and diseases that are related to anorexia.

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Some of them do not die, but their health is absolutely bad through out their life.Earlier many are of the opinion that anorexia nervosa is a disease of young girls and women.

But of late it is observed that even the young boys and men too are suffering from this disease.There are so many causes that are attributed to anorexia nervosa.

The main cause is the pressure put on themselves by the young boys and girls to look good.There is no doubt that people are more conscious of their look now days.

Slim looking girls are liked by the boys. The girls do like the young boy who slim looking. As the result the young girls and boys reduce their food intake indiscriminately without any consultation with the dieticians which results in mal nutrition.

These young boys and girls try to follow the celebrities so closely. Present day celebrities of tinsel world are invariably thin. On seeing them these young boys and girls instigated to go any extend to get a slim looking body.

The present day parents need to be more careful about this issue. By any chance if they suspect that their children are suffering from anorexia nervosa, then they must address this problem immediately.

Earlier intervention at times is the difference between the life and death of the person who is suffering from anorexia nervosa.

There are few signs which can be looked for in a person who is suffering from anorexia nervosa. They are weight loss to a noticeable extend, keeping away from the others, excessive exercise, thinking of something all the time, fatigue, muscle weakness, obsessed with recipes, calories and food, finding lame excuses for not eating the food properly, unusual food habits, picking at food, discomfort feeling around the food time, thinking than he/she is fat even when he/she is thin, showing enthusiasm in cooking food for somebody but not eating well for his/her own, always eating diet food, Shame feeling about eating food, depression, mood swings and irritability, excess use of laxatives, vomiting, use of diuretics in an attempt to control weight, no or irregular menstruation, putting on baggy clothes to mask the weight loss, frequent checking of weight, fainting and dizziness, avoiding eating in public places as much as possible, maintaining secrecy about the eating pattern and diet, pale complexion, frequent severe head aches, always perfectionist attitude and lack of self confidence by not eating or eating are also the signs that can be looked for in patients suffering from anorexia nervosa.

One must be aware of the medical and physical complications that are very much associated with anorexia nervosa. They are chronic fatigue, lack of energy, no or irregular menstrual periods, hair loss, constipation [chronic], pain in the stomach, cold feet and hand, skin problems, breath shortness, bloating, imbalance of electrolytes, oedema[ water retention], bone mass loss, infertility, insomnia, dizziness, severe head aches, depression, dehydration, liver and kidney damage, cathartic colon in case of laxative abuse, downy fine hair, decreased metabolic rate, low level possession, heart beat irregularities, heart attack and death.

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