How to Stop the Eating Disorder’s Disastrous Knell on Your Teenaged Children?

The condition called eating disorder is a complex problem. This condition doesn’t strike all of a sudden; instead it develops over a period of time.

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Generally this problem is overlooked in teenagers and in children. The problem is noticed only when the children or the teens lose weight drastically.

The present day parents of children and teens must have a close watch on them especially their food habits. These children and teenagers not only develop anorexia nervosa but also develop bulimia.

Both are different forms of eating disorders and the bulimia is more difficult to diagnose. As per the statistics there is an increasing trend as far as the on set of disorder in teens and children is concerned.

It is the duty of the parents and the elders in the family to take care of their children and teens and should not allow them to fall prey to the dangerous eating disorder.This is very important because only if the problem is identified in early stages the recovery can be quick and satisfactory.

The teens are more prone to this disorder. The reason is simple. At this age they are more concerned about their look. They want to get attracted by the opposite sex at this age. As the result they want to have good looking body.

In the process they fail to take notice that maintaining the correct weight is must for the healthy living. The media too play part in this. They conduct beauty shows and award prizes for those who are slim and lean.

The teen-agers on seeing this get carrier away by it and strongly believe that lean body is more attractive.At present the world so fast. The things are happening at very fast pace unlike yester years.

People have no time to analyze anything. They believe what they see. The teens of present day believe strongly only the beautiful people can be successful in life, thanks to media. Media never shows people who are ugly and plumpy.

As the result there is enormous pressure on these teens to look good and they are made to believe that lean body is the best. Hence in order to achieve that they try to do every thing they can. This paves way for the eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia.

The parents are inspiration to the teens and children. You, as a parent is good, have good eating habits and educate the children the importance of healthy diet, then the chances of your children becoming the victim of eating disorder is less. The parents who are having negative attitude will pass on the same to their children.

The parents should remember that they are being watched very closely by the children, especially teens. Never make any bad comment on their look.

In most case the parents are directly responsible for their look. If the children are found to be obese, only the parents are responsible for over feeding them when they are young.

As a parent in case if there is a slight doubt that their children [teen aged] is suffering from any kind of eating disorder, he should waste no time in taking them to a expert.

The expert will try to find out the root cause of the problem and will advise the children and the parent accordingly. If the advises are followed without any deviation or alteration, the teen aged children can be pulled out of the problem and he can remain healthy there after.

If You Are Tired Of Living A "Secret Life" That Revolves Around Food, Then...

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