Identifying the Disease of Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is generally considered as eating disorder. However there are some medical establishments that raise doubt whether emotional eating is eating disorder or not.

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What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating is nothing but eating for emotion and not for physiological need. These people try to use food as a support to solve their problems.

There are so many people who indulge in emotional eating unknowingly. This group of people uses eating to manage the mood swings. This category people will start eating a biscuit when they are upset or excessively happy.

Some people when they alone and bored start eating something for the sake of doing something. This is exactly emotional eating.

Whether a person is emotional eater or not can be found out very easily. There are few questions that need to answer for that. They are:

1. Are you eating regularly even when you are not hungry?
2. When you are depressed, lonely, sad etc, do you resort to eating the food you like the most?
3. Does food gives piece of mind when you are stressed or tensed?
4. Could you differentiate between hunger and feeling of munching?
5. Eating something, does it cool your mood?
6. Are you obsessed with the food you eat?
7. Do you have the habit of eating for achieving something?
8. Eating the food in any way helps to forget the problems at hand?

By any chance the answer is yes for any single question that is presented above, and then you can be very sure that you are an emotional eater.Now since you have understood that you are an emotional eater, there are certain things for you to do.

The first and foremost thing is that you must plan to cultivate very good relationship with food and the present relationship is unhealthy. There is no way that one can avoid food if one wants to survive. Hence banning food from our life is out of question.

Food will be integral part of any celebrations that are going to happen in anybody’s life such as weddings, Christmas, wedding anniversaries, Easter, etc.

Eating heavy food on these occasions is very normal and usual. But using food to change our mood, using food when one is sad, using food to mask the sorrow etc are certainly bad because all these results in excess eating which augers ensuing bad time.

The first and foremost thing the emotional eater must do is that he should be aware of the dangers of excess eating. They must have a close watch on the food they are eating and the calorie value of the same.

They should be exposed to the dangers of excess weight and obesity which will be the ultimate reaching point for them as they eat more than their physiological need.

Emotional eaters should slowly start indulging in other activities like reading a book, watching the television, playing with the pet animal to kill their boredom and get out of the mundane worries instead of getting in to dangerous emotional eating.

If they will, there is a way. Hence if the emotional eater decides to come out this unhealthy practice, he will sure to do so.

If You Are Tired Of Living A "Secret Life" That Revolves Around Food, Then...

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