Know How a Psychological Disorder can Manifest as Eating Disorder in a Person?

There is certainly a strong relationship that exists between the psychiatric illness and eating disorder. The relationship could be anxiety, depression or any other signs of obsessive [compulsive] behaviour.

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Most people who have been suffering from eating disorder are found to have anxiety too. Here the reason for anxiety is the social fear of being over weight, but in reality they are not over weight at all.
As per recent studies there is also genetic link between the anxiety and eating disorder.

The recent studies further states that the person who is suffering because of anorexia nervosa in most case will have obsessive compulsive disorder too. Obsessive compulsive disorder is nothing but too much of perfectionalism and intense feeling of controlling things.

The different types of anorexia nervosa

There are two different types of anorexia nervosa. They are restricting type and purging/ binge eating. In the restricting type the person will try fasting, severe dieting and excessive exercising. In binge eating type, the person will eat food little less than normal, but the food will be followed by purging induced by laxatives, enemas and diuretics.

The person who is suffering from binge eating type of anorexia will have recurrent episodes binge eating. The sufferers of bulimia will have purging. The persons suffering from binge eating will not have any control on anything and they will end up eating more food in a short period of time.The binge eaters often eat quickly and they stop eating only when they become bloated or uncomfortable. These people feel guilty of what they have done. Then they try to induce vomiting. The binge eater will consume food even when they are not hungry.

One interesting observation is that binging takes place when the person is alone. In case the binging episode takes place two times in a week for the period of six months, then the person can be classified as sufferer of bulimia. Bulimia is the other type of eating disorder just like anorexia nervosa.
It is observed that the person who is suffering from restrictive type of eating disorder in most cases will have obsessive compulsive disorder. These people will have a desire to have control on something. They will try to control their food intake. As discussed earlier, these people will try to have too much of perfection. Too much of anything is as good as bad, every one knows this. This holds good for dieting too.

There is an interesting study about the anxiety and eating disorder. The anxiety sets in first when the victim is a children and eating disorder sets in on the same child when he/she reaches adolescence. Anxiety is a sign of psychiatric illness.

Another study involving only women found out an interesting fact. The women who were interviewed were presented a set of questions which included their experience in sexual assaults. At the end of the study the bulimia nervosa problem was more in women who were subjected to aggressive, sexual assault. This goes to explain that there is a link between victimisation and post traumatic stress syndrome and eating disorder especially bulimia nervosa.

Most of the people who are suffering from bulimia feel and confess that are very much relieved after and relaxed after purging. Some even say that they could get away from their anxiety only after purging. As the result they get addicted to this wrong practice.

So there is no doubt that there is a definite relation ship between the psychiatric illness and the eating disorder. Whatever may be the cause or the link, eating disorders are highly dangerous and if not care quickly, can be lead to fatal consequences.

Early detection and treatment or counselling is imperative to get out of the problem. Solving this problem themselves is not possible and expert intervention is very much required to remove the root cause of the problem.

If You Are Tired Of Living A "Secret Life" That Revolves Around Food, Then...

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