Never Get Entangled in the Debilitating Effects of Bulimia and Anorexia

It is very common physiological development that the girls put on fat at the time of puberty. But many young girls don’t understand this and are not happy the way they are putting on fat in a fast manner. As the result they indulge in losing weight which is not at all desirable.

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Media for want of sensational matter try to focus on celebrities of tinsel world. Most of them are below their healthy weight.

The readers get carried away by the look of the celebrities and try to take them as their role models. This puts pressure on them to reduce their weight without knowing the dangers of staying unhealthy.

Many professional believe rather strongly that these eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia are very dangerous. These disorders pave way for the anxiety.

Anxiety is very common at the time of puberty. Anorexia and the anxiety when combine together they play havoc on the health of the body.

There are evidences than the eating disorder is a family problem. This is very simple for anybody to understand because the parents are the biggest influence in the character development of the children.

The children grow seeing the parents and try to emulate some of their characters in full. Recent studies suggest that there is genetic link to the eating disorder.

Some girls are at greater risk of developing the eating disorders. They are those who are involving themselves in sports such as gymnastics, ice-skating, running etc.

Excess weight is a taboo in many sports.Hence these girls will be on enormous pressure to lose weight by reducing their food intake and on the other hand they will be spending more energy by way of their sports practice.

The incidence of anorexia or bulimia is not all that common in males who are in sports as in the case of females.Eating disorder is not the one that can be ignored for long.

The person who is suffering from anorexia will be short of energy because of reduced intake of nutrients which leads to disease, and at times even death.

If this is the case then one can understand the importance of maintaining required weight. In case the person is weighing more than 15 percent of the normal weight, then the functioning of the body organs and vital parts will be in danger.

There is hardly any organ that is not damaged by the anorexia. The kidneys, heart, liver, brain and many other organs are affected by anorexia. All activities in the body will be slow, thanks to anorexia.

The blood pressure, pulse, heart beat and even breathing rate drops. In girls their menstrual period will be irregular or even stop.

The concentration and the mental ability will be lost. Some will have swollen joints, brittle bones, and even anaemia.The hair on the head and all over the body falls, fingers nails will break easily and more and more soft hair growth can be noticed all over the skin.

Many anorexics will have constant stomach pain. Frequent vomiting can be seen in them which will spoil their stomach and kidney further.

The teeth also will get corroded because of the frequent exposure to acids during vomiting. As the result of frequent vomiting, the anorexics may develop chipmunk cheeks. Frequent vomiting can lead to the loss of potassium and vitamins from the body.

If You Are Tired Of Living A "Secret Life" That Revolves Around Food, Then...

Learn How to Overcome Your Binge Eating Disorder Quickly..

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