How Your Psychological Eating Disorder could Affect Your Physiology?

Eating disorder is on the rise at present. Most people when they come to know about eating disorder, they first assume that this disorder is related to the food one consumes. It is not so.

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Eating disorder is just the manifestation of an underlying problem. If the root cause of the eating disorder is properly diagnosed and corrected by treatment and counselling, then the person will recover from the problem once for all.

Anorexia nervosa is the most common form of eating disorder. This is psychological problem and not a physiological problem. The person who is suffering from this condition will be on diet excessively.The person will have a distorted image about his own body.

The person will be actually thin and underweight, but when he looks at him in the mirror, he will believe for sure that he is fatty. This kind of disorder is more seen in young females few years back but now more and more young men get to the grip of this disorder.

The person who is suffering because of anorexia nervosa play all the tricks he knows to hide the fact that he is not eating properly. These people will be just pushing the plate to give the feeling that they are eating normally.

Some people will hide their lean body in baggy clothes in order to hide their extreme weight loss from the others.In more severe case, the sufferer even at the death bed will think that there is some more fat in the body which needs to be lost.

Nearly 20 percent of the people who are gripped by the anorexia nervosa will die eventually due to the harm done to the body by not eating properly and depriving the body from essential nutrients. If this is the case one can imagine, how serious is this anorexia nervosa.

Some people analyse why people become anorexic. There is school of that people who are trying to control something, develop anorexia nervosa. These people in a way set very high standards for themselves and try to achieve it by hook or crook.

These people will have low self esteem. They may even have been abused when they are young. These people lose weight so much that they even loses their sex appeal.It is easy for the anorexic to reduce their weight than controlling the feeling and emotions.

These people indulge so much in calorie calculation of the food they eat that they probably ignore their other problems. Such people will prefer to die rather to face the complications or problems.

For anorexic each and every gram lost is a big victory. These people can withstand extreme hunger and deprivation as they get solace from look of their emaciated body.

They will not try to understand the importance of maintaining the correct weight and will want to lose the weight all the times.It is really very difficult for an expert to convince a person that he is having anorexia nervosa.

convincing is possible in case the counsellor has patience and commitment. These anorexics can be brought back to the normal food habits by effective counselling and treatment [if required to cure the underlying cause].

Even after the treatment, there is every possibility that these people slip to the old bad food habit and develop anorexia nervosa again. Hence the family members of the person must take proper care to prevent it from happening.

If You Are Tired Of Living A "Secret Life" That Revolves Around Food, Then...

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