Why Anorexics are Obsessed with Certain type of Medications?


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Laxatives are the ones that are used to stimulate the bowel movements. These are very commonly used by the persons with eating disorder.

There is a belief that laxatives help to reduce the weight which is totally false. The reason is hat by the time the laxative start their stimulation, the food would have already absorbed in to the system.

But it is true that water will be lost after consuming the laxative. This makes the person to feel that he is losing weight.

But in reality the water lost is regained within seventy two hours, and the weight lost also. The anorexics may not be aware of this.

As the result the person will start using the laxative again. He will not get the desired results. He will start worry and the health deteriorates.

Excessive use of laxative will lead to loss of blood in the faces. This is because of the irritation caused by the laxatives to the intestinal mucosa. Over use of laxative can also lead to severe constipation.

Electrolyte imbalance and dehydration are other common side effects of excess use of laxatives. This dehydration and electrolyte imbalance can lead to serious health complications. It won’t be an exaggeration if one says that excess use of laxative can cause death.

Ipecac syrup is the other common abused medicine by the anorexics. Ipecac syrup is used to stimulate vomiting in case anybody has consumed poison.

This should never be used in ordinary situation. Anorexics use this syrup in order to induce vomiting thinking that the calorie intake can be reduced.

But this is very dangerous practice. In the due course, the heart muscles get affected, the heart beat may increase, and there can be pain while breathing too.

Directs are the excellent medications that are used get rid of the excess fluid accumulated in the organs of the body. These medicines must be strictly used as per the instruction of the physician.

Anorexics use these medicines on their own thinking that they are losing weight. But they are not aware that they are losing fluids that are very important for the various physiological functions of the body.

The abuse of diuretics will affect the function of the kidney very dearly which may lead to fatal consequences.
Diet pills

There are so many people who are using diet pills assuming that they are absolutely safe and can help to lose weight faster. But in reality there are only very few scientifically tested pills are available in the market.

Many diet pills that are available in the market .the efficiency of these pills in reducing the weight are not at all proved. If the person starts using them, he/she may get in to serious health problems which may even lead to death.Human physiology is too complicated to play or take chances with.

In case the doctor prescribes the one, then try and use only that diet pill and not any equivalent. The diet pill must be consumed as per the prescription and should never be used more than prescribed.

If You Are Tired Of Living A "Secret Life" That Revolves Around Food, Then...

Learn How to Overcome Your Binge Eating Disorder Quickly..

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