Why Women are more Prone to the Two Common Bulimia and Anorexia Eating Disorders?

There are various types of eating disorders, but anorexia and bulimia are the most common and important eating disorders. It is not all that easy to differentiate one from the other as they are having similar characteristics.

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In both form of eating disorders the person will be obsessed with their food and their body. In both bulimia and anorexia the persons will have distorted image about their body.

The females are more prone for males as far as bulimia and anorexia is concerned. As per statistics only 10 percent of those affected are males.

As the result many are of the belief that females are only affected because of which the male anorexics go unnoticed.
But in reality [though the male sufferers are less,] both males and females have the fear of putting on more weight.

As the result they reduce their food intake and become very cautious of what they are eating. In the process they neglect the requirement vital nutrients for the various physiological functions of the body.

Some person will indulge in over exercise in an attempt to lose weight faster which is again dangerous as they will be in negative balance.

With all these, the sufferers will think they needs to lose weight further but in reality they will be already underweight.The anorexic will try to avoid eating altogether but the bulimics are not the same.

The bulimic will eat good quantity of food. But after that they will try to vomit or use laxatives to get rid of what they eat.” Binging and purging” is the term used to describe this habit. Just like anorexia bulimia is seen more in females than males.

Recognising the bulimics is not an easy task because the height and weight of the bulimics will be as per the standard. Anorexics will lose weight at rapid pace that is alright. But one should be careful in ruling out the other health problems for weight loss.

There are some signs that are exhibited by the anorexics. They are trying to suppress hunger, exercising excessively, having the feeling that they are fat even though they are lean already, weighing 15-20 % less than the standard weight, and trying to keep away from social gathering which involves food.

There are few signs of bulimia. They are eating more food but not gaining weight, offering lame excuses to go to the toilet after the meal, keeping away from social gathering , and laxatives and diuretics abuse.

There are so many theories that are going round in the name of causes for eating disorders, but nothing was proved till date.

One important observation is that the onset of eating disorder is more in people who are in the age group of 14 – 18 years. This doesn’t say that the older people are not getting this disorder, but the incidences are less.

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